How the Israel-Palestine conflict started

After World war 1:

We See Britain abruptly coming into the room
“Yoooo, What good? ” said Britain.
The person in the room kind of looked confused,
“What are you doing?” said Palestine.
“I’m the new owner of this place! I just took over. Isn’t that exciting?” Britain said.
“well, we’ve been co-existing pretty well, so .” But was cut off by Britain
“So I kind of promised these guys their nation…” he pointed at the European Jews, that just entered the room.
“Like right here… so we’re gonna start getting more of them in. If that’s chill”
“You-you never asked me about this” Palestina said.
“Really? I thought I CC’ed you on that…”
“No” Palestine quickly said.
“No, actually we’ve kind of been wanting our nation here…” Palestine said.
the new guy said “Well, so do we”
They looked strange at each other, while Britain said
“Guys? – Guys, I’m sensing some tension here. Are you guys gonna make this hard for me, or…?”

The 1930s :

“Okay, so that got a little violent… How about this: We’ll give you guys your own nation, in like 10 years ” Britain said.
“10 years?” Palenstine said.
“And we’re gonna let in less of you guys”
“wait, what?!” European jews said.
“Are we happy? – You guys look happy.”
But some nervous colonial inhales started beginning.
“I need to get out of here”

After world war ll :

“Wow, okay that was… that was insane”
“Horrible” Jews said.
“That was terrible,” Palestine said.
“yeah, a ton of my people are refugees now,” jews said.
“Yeah, so you guys wanted your own nation, right?”
“yeah,” jews said.
“And you guys wanted your own nation, right?”
“yeah,” Palestina said.
“So I’m gonna pass you both off… to my BOY, his name is United Nations. You’re gonna love him. He was literally just born.”
“Hey, guys,” said the united nations-
“And I’m gonna head out, okay? I need some me time, and you guys just fight som much, you know?” Britain said. And opened the door,
“YOU DID THIS!!” Palestine shouted.
and slowly closed the door, “Really? I have no idea what you’re talking about-“
“Hey guys, so I just made a map, that I think you’re both gonna as” United nation said.

They both came forward and looked down at the map,

Isreal looked very happy and said “We’ll take it”,
And Palestine said “We’re gonna declare war”

Other Arab states: “WE GOT YOU BRO”

Two wars later (1967) :

“Well, we uh, we won both of those wars,” Isreal said.
“ARRRRRRG” said palenstine angred.
“And we ended up with way more land than we started with, so”

“Yeah that included like all of my lands, and now I have a ton of refugees. Who wants to go back to their homes”
“Well, you lost…”
“Hey, sorry…Could you actually give him that land back?” United Nations said.
“But he’s not a nation,” Isreal said.
“No, so we decided that you both have a right to a nation”
“Well, I don’t accept that”
“Of course, just- if you keep occupying this land, that’s kind of against international law”

“I disagree,” said Isreal

To be continued…. Well, let’s hope with no more war.

Here is illustration of Palestine loss of land after British mandate :

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