Why islam gets such huge blame?

It’s common to doubt which comes to mind of people that, “When we have so many religions around us then, why mostly Islam is targeted?” And the fear of Muslims has been on the rise, and historically when a minority is “threatening or intimidate ” some society it leads to chaos, and I am beginning to write a book about that basically what I wrote In my book :

“In a perfect world, your society wouldn’t need to be guided by the firm hand of a dictator, but look around you. People are angry… and looking for someone to blame. Sometimes people say: “you’re terrorist monsters!” on the news while the protest is ongoing. The genius is understanding the nature of the resentment that already exists… and presenting yourself as the means to overcome that, as the means to get even with the people that you resent. Do you want to get your people’s attention? The playbook is clear. Show them that their enemies are your enemies… While this shows the history of dictators, you still see this kind of strategy used in politics, like trump blaming immigrants for everything. And some country blame Muslims for terrorism and not being a religion just facade and that creates hate against them, it’s kinda strange that when politicians blame something for x,y,z of a problem, people don’t investigate it but just believes it, you would think we would learn from history, but unfortunately, it still happens from immigration, Muslims and when we want a tax deduction, instead the governments help the riches making them richer while other become poorer if this whole scene sounds familiar? Yep, you guessed it, the jews during World War 2.”

Islam is peace, Islam is ease,
Islam's not danger or disease.
Islam is love and prosperity.
Islam's not hatred or adversity.
It's actually: love for all, hatred for none.

But that doesn’t change why people hate them in the first place? Before going deep dive into this problem, here are some facts you should know beforehand.

As a political force; hostility or prejudice towards Muslims”. It is attested in English as early as 1923 to quote the French word islamophobia, found in a thesis published by Alain Quellen in 1910 to describe an “a prejudice against Islam that is widespread among the peoples of Western and Christian civilization”.

Research shows that the U.S. identified more than 160 Muslim-American terrorist suspects and perpetrators in the decade since 9/11, just a percentage of the thousands of acts of violence that occur in the United States each year. It is from this overall collection of violence that “an efficient system of government prosecution and media coverage brings Muslim-American terrorism suspects to national attention, creating the impression – perhaps unintentionally – that Muslim-American terrorism is more prevalent than it is.” Never mind that since 9/11, the Muslim-American community has helped security and law enforcement officials prevent nearly two of every five al Qaeda terrorist plots threatening the United States[2] and that tips from the Muslim-American community are the largest single source of initial information to authorities about these few plots. 

Or is the media to blame for? …. Did you what I just did, to solve this, you might have thought that I am gonna blame someone for something, and humans have always been like that, we want to blame someone for an action that just well could be everybody participating, let me give you an example: Greta Thunberg, the new way of activism, you would think we learned from the past, but no. She did the same, and that is blaming someone for a serious problem, and that doesn’t lead to anything, a question I could ask “Where is she now?”

And that would be a fair argument, we should debate and express our opinions, but not have your lead argument be: I blame .. Him… that….company.

So that is a common reason, but also the news headline, and as a blogger, you get good with working with keywords, and bringing some felling to the table, and the only way newspaper sell is by making a profit off your fear, concern and curiosity.

Here is an example (This is a real headline) :

Muslim family in Canada killed in ‘premeditated’ truck attack. 

If you casually look at it, you would only remember the Muslim family killed, but my question is why do we even say “Muslim family..”

Why do you think they wrote Muslim, first because they know that it brings a lot of views, and their most viewed article was on ‘google and Facebook duped in huge scam ‘, but just go on their fourth most popular article and you find Islam in their headline. And If you don’t believe it, the guardian made an article saying that terror attacks by Muslims receive 357% more press attention, the study found. And also the movies, it has just recently got more intention on Muslim-like actors, and that is always in some kind of place or planning to kill. 

And when you get so much intention in one style on news, there will be something that will prevent it, let me give you an example when the tobacco industry was at the top of its prime they were powerful company because it was a norm in some society to smoke, and that made them powerful, but when news/doctors got on their tale and stopped them more people quit smoking, that just shows how powerful media is, or when climate change activism was in the top of their prime what did companies do, we made plans for going greener and more co2 free, some countries even getting an electric car will help you, because now law give you a tax deduction and free charging space for life. 

Now, that is not to say we have solved the problem yet, the tactics used by the tobacco industry to resist government regulation of its products include conducting public relations campaigns, buying scientific and other expertise to create controversy about facts, funding political parties, hiring lobbyists to influence policy, using front groups and allied …etc. 

And that shows the power of media, so when Trump said fake news, to some extent he was true. The career he had didn’t match the vibe of the presidency, and from the first day, the news was going wild, so yeah news is the society, that’s why reading various kinds of news helps build a better understanding. The reason America isn’t getting anywhere is that they have few news companies, and they aren’t trustable enough to believe them, that’s why more people read their political news from blogs, articles etc.

But beware if they are objective or just opinionating the situation. But even if somebody does terrorist attack outside the religion of Islam, let me give you a good example, Breivik the man killed many people but what did the news say “In the afternoon of July 22, 2011, Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 persons, many of them children youths, in two separate events. On August 24, 2012, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Breivik went through two forensic evaluations: the first concluded that he had a psychotic disorder, thus being legally unaccountable, whereas the second concluded that he had a personality disorder, thus being legally accountable. “

They labelled him crazy, but when a Muslim does it, it’s just completely normal. Nobody says he must have been mentally unstable, nope. He was a Muslim, and people think we have the self-bombing in our DNA, nope. It’s not the case. If you understand Arabic, you know that Islam, the word Islam means peace. If a person can’t follow that, he isn’t Muslim. Islam does not promote limitless violence, if that can’t be followed the person isn’t Muslim. He is only carrying the name “muslim”, not the action.

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