Rap court

All rise for the honourable judge E.p. Davis ladies and gentlemen court, Is now in session.
"everyone but the plaintiff and defendant please be seated, good afternoon gentlemen.
I see both parties are representing  themselves, we have Mr Thomas who's filed a liability  lawsuit against Mr Brockton is that correct?"
"Yes your honour"
"And you want forty-seven thousand dollars for personal injury sustained that Mr Brockton's place of business"
"Okay let's shoot straight and see what the truth is, let's see if the shoe fits. The plaintiff stands where the burden of the proof is. This accident took place on a cool crisp day at a, roof Chris steak, that should be a place of your business, right?"
"yes, your honour"
"Thomas stopped in for a quick fight "
"Yes your honour, and since he doesn't keep his ship tight honest"
"That's enough don't try to turn it into a big fight "
"But judge I am just I'm trying to make sure you get it."
"You're living in my show don't forget I'm the one with the nice robes in the line. You should have been in my court. Dinner ease up ain't no slick shade subliminal I deal with hard life long criminals as far as the clock goes I'm the pinnacle please hush. Just keep those outbreaks to a minimum wage your turn okay bro,  I've been in the court for a long time and it looks like this isn't my first day. I'm gonna judge whatever I say, go. I'll leave the terms I make the rules it doesn't matter if you say no, the permission I don't get away from. I just proceed, Mr Brockton how you plea? "
"I'm not guilty and I think this whole thing's in the laborious game."
"What do you mean?"
"Well,I wasn't there "
"You weren't at the restaurant?"
"I had the place in charge of my team but all my servers said that Thomas didn't order any cuisine choice. He waited for them to clean and got up to leave in the floor scene, he's was faking, your honour"
"Thomas is faking his injuries?"
"That's, what it seems like?"
"That's an egregious claim, Thomas what do you say?"
"Well, I ain't thinking that that's a cop dog. Look bailey throw them papers up. I'm honest my whole elbow popped out, that's facts. Just pay me 47 large, well-accepted charge, you know you wrong"
"Thomas relax"
"He's just trying to make it hard I swear to god, could he just admit, you played a part"
"We used caution concert"
"The light was low, it was dark"
"That's enough Mr Thomas. But if it's true, that you left without ordering food that's kind of fake"
"What I wasn't loitering dude I had a date, yeah. I got stood up I figured. That she wasn't coming so I stood up and he can call this story funny but the gag is ended up falling in some money that's my good luck"
"Okay, Mr Brockton "
"I got a signed witness statement that confirmed Thomas version of the events, when it comes to the wet floor and the dim lights, that's an unsafe space that you are supposed to prevent. No, it wasn't your intent but you won't have to cover Mr Thomas doctor bills, it shouldn't make a dent, I'll write you off at 15 thousand seven hundred ninety-two dollars and thirty-three cents and that's going to cover the eleven thousand dollar hospital bill plus and a little bit extra for Mr Thomas's pain and suffering in lost weight "
"Are we getting paid, let's go your honour"
"This is outrageous"
"Thank you very much gentlemen case closed"

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