I just realized that I haven’t actually explained who I am, and why I am writing poem. So to start this off, my name is Ansar and I am 16 years old, which may surprise some people, cause I have worked with many poet’s. Like Jojo, Emilly etc. (Check them out).

But you may not know that in the beginning I wasn’t writing about poem and writing articles, but it was more about political article, and more about economy. But I didn’t write in english, but it was written in danish. But come to found out that, the audience in the Denmark isn’t very interested in political blogs. So I switch to english and began writing on literature and poems. But my goal with this blog is to get feedback from the poems and maybe help you guys, cause I am thinking about writing on business and economy. But don’t worry I am not gonna forget about poem, I am still gonna write about it. And will always write about it, but it can’t be on the daily bases, its more like 2-3 at week. I am working on my second book, while I wait for my first book to get published, yeah I know, but I like writing, if you scroll down I can give you a sneak peak of the next book.

But this is all thanks to you guys, thanks for the followers and the comments. This really helped me improve, and in the beginning of the pandemic, you guys helped me on my grammar and giving me good ideas, actually I am gonna share a story : In the height of the pandemic, we took a physical test were we couldn’t search for the answers on google or social media, as it should. But we could use our old notes, and I published my article about something, I can’t remember the subject but I asked my teacher because I published it on my blog if it were allowed, she said yes, and then when I was sitting on the desk in the hall, it just brought an big smile, cause I saw someone comment on what was wrong with my article and what could have been done better, and at that moment I was grateful that I started my blog, and getting feedback from you guys. And when I got the grades, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was like “teacher, are you sure this is mine “, and when she said “yes”, I just couldn’t believe it, I got 100/100.

So I am grateful for starting this blog, and this post is just to say thank you guys for following, and helping me through exam.

I have read your comments, and many people ask : What’s my mission with this blog?

Well, I just want to write about things I like, but I like many things, so don’t be surprised if I write about stocks or ‘A day in the life of student’ or things like that. But I also want to create a community that can help each other, so for this year, I will be happy if I get 100 followers. But I still thank the 20 followers I have now.

As promised this is a page of my new book (Just because you guys have been amazing) :

Seizing power

Absolute power. Come on. You know you want it. You just don't know how to get it. But I do. There's a playbook. A huge series of tactics that history's most infamous dictators used. To achieve unimaginable power. Each in his own unique way.  Now, there is one small catch. This path does involve making some unpleasant choices. But nobody said ruling was easy. Care to look inside?
When I say the word "Dictator". What comes to mind?
According to the dictionary : A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.
No. That's too simple. Dictator is a government for people who want results. When you look at human history, freedom is not the norm. We love being ruled. When you're living in a difficult time, there's an appeal to someone who comes up, finds their moment, and says, "I alone can fix it all. " History's most successful dictators do just that. Transforming their societies from top to bottom. By following their path step by step, you can too!
This is the playbook for dictators. If you want to become a dictator, you just have to do those few things. That's it. But before you can do anything, you need to break out from the crowd and grab the reins of power. That's where our story begins, with the failed landscape artist who reinvented himself into the most powerful man on Earth.
Here he is. Adolf Hitler. Just one month after becoming Germany's absolute ruler. And the rest is history. So, how exactly did Adolf hitler become Adolf Hitler? And what lessons can you take from him on your rise to power? Hitler in his twenties was a disenchanted, broke, friendless, failed artist.

Tactic : Believe in yourself 
If you want to rule, you first have to believe that you can. Dictators have a kind of megalomaniac confidence in their own abilities. They have to have that. They often see themselves as liberators. They are frequently convinced that only they can save the world and make the world a better place. In other words, they're special. And as you'll see. Hitler wasn't the only one who felt that way.
According to North Korean legend, at the moment of Kim jong-ll's birth, a new glowing star lit up the sky, a double rainbow appeared, and winter turned into spring. Saddam Hussein claimed that he was anointed by God to rule Iraq forever and pointed to the times he escaped death as proof of his divine favor. While Haitian dictator Francois Duvalier claimed that he  himself was an eternal being whose voodoo powers caused the JFK assassination. Who's to say they didn't?
But where might you find the source of your otherworldly belif?
Hitler claims that he found him in the most unexpected place. 
In 1918, machine guns were fired and it's 16 years before hitler becomes Dictator. Hitler claimed that he found his in a most unexpected place. The blood-soaked trenches of world war 1. One day while on duty, he hears a strange voice with a message. "Move. '' and he moved, and then BOOM!!Several of his comrades were killed immediately, but Hitler emerged without a scratch. Later, as the war nears its end, Hitler and his unit fall victim to mustard gas at the Battle of Ypres. While recovering at a nearby hospital, a pastor gives Hitler the bad news. World war 1 is over. Germany has surrendered. In shock, he completely loses his sight. A case of hysterical blindness. Then from the depths of his despair springs a grand vision for his nation's future. From this point forward, Hitler never doubted his special purpose. Hitler once said famously, "I walk with the self-assurance of a sleepwalker toward my destiny. " Once he had his mission for Germany, he was on autopilot. Nothing would distract him from that aim. That's the sort of confidence that any future dictator needs to get ahead. Although some might use a different term. The potential dictator is usually highly narcissistic. Believe themselves to be the center of the universe, and everything must happen according to their will. And this is very different from ordinary people. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. But before you can realize your destiny, you still have some big challenges to overcome. For one thing, you don't have any followers yet, not the kind of followers in social media, but people who will stand with you, no matter what. In order to launch your rise power, you'll need a message that stirs people's souls, and there's one surefire place to start.

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