Alright, this is a tiny book called, show your work, by Austin Kleon and this has been another book that revals that you shouldn’t be afraid of showing your work to the world. It’s really small it, took me about half an hour to read.

For a long time like ever since I started writing poem I’d been sort of toying with the idea of setting up a blog. Of the lessons that I gained and you know book reviews and things like that and I’d never been able to get over the fear of personal, like self promotion. That you know, it’s people are gonna judge me people are gonna think I’m an arrogant narcissistic twat for having

The audacity to have a blog you know, with my name on it. I used to have all these negative thoughts about this whole stuff and then I read the show your work by Austin Kleon, and that completely changed the game for me. It made me realize that actually, even if you’re not an expert in anything, just the fact that you have done anything at all means, that you can then write about that experience and there will be people somewhere in the world who’ll find that helpful.

And the main idea in the book is by sharing your work, with the world you are working towards helping people, and that is gonna be an inherent good. So after reading this, I started my own blog, I started writing a few posts that year and I think if it hadn’t been for this book, I wouldn’t have even set up this blog. It was the small step, that made me comfortable with the idea of putting myself out there.

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