So, I have been researching for some of couple of days. Okay let’s rewind the story. So two month ago, I saw a amazing Ted talk called : How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time by Baratunde Thurston.

I liked the way he deconstructed the text, so I wanted to try myself, and since I am a muslim, and that does have a bad wrap in the news, and wanted to know why.

So, let me give some example : ‘Mom Targeted by Anti-Muslim Flyers Gets Support From Her Ohio Community’

Subject : Mom targeted by anti-Muslims flyers

Action : Gets support

Target : by Anti-muslim

And I did this with 50 + news with the keyword : muslim or islam in the headline. And made a whole spreadsheet, which I am giving access to you guys. Here is the link :

But the conclusion of that research is that people have no problem with the faith of muslim, but the way they perceive themselves, and they often target the head scarf, so its about the way we look, not the faith.

But thats not the big news, I am researching the news everyday for the next 1 years, 5-6 media type. And seeing what the media talks about the most. And also making a AI who see the difference between Fake news and real news.