How to improve your speed reading? and what benefits does it have? – 30 day skills challenge.

Imagine your are in school or work, and suddenly you get a huge assignment, in which you have to read and comprehend what are being said. But if you could increase your speed, while it doesn’t affect your comprehension. It can save you a lot of time.

from the website :

Reading fast and absorb information like a sponge does always help you, and this skill may even help you get things done faster. This is the new series called : 30 day skills challenge. Where I learn useful skills which you can learn in one day. So I will not be the expert for the next 30 days, I will learn with you, and fail, and learn from my mistake.

So I found my reading speed using the (, ( ) (finding two differnte website, and then finding my average) and finding my comprehension rate. And my reading speed is : 260 wpm with 65% comprehension.

Took this test using :

So like any self-learner, I googled “how to improve you’re reading speed” , and found this article called : How to Read Faster: 10 Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed , and I recommend you to read their article.

And what I learnt from that article was that I should use a timer to improve my reading speed, and use “Peripheral Vision”

Here is what I did to improve my speed

First I found a interesting GIF, that could help with speed reading and comprehension. And you could also just start the challenge with me.

And you can find these by typing speed reading GIF. And then just read fast while making sense of it.

But after 30 minutes, I took the test again :

Yes, just by reading GIF, and using the technique where I don’t look back at the words, and just by that I gained 33 wpm (words per minute).

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