So, today I didn’t want to create a blog post, but I have been writing everyday for 150 days, so I couldn’t just stop now. But this story is little funny one, which I quite like, because its short and sweet. Hope you like it.

A farmer and his son used to work together to grow vegetables but unfortunately the son was a thief.

One day while stealing money, he was caught by police and was imprisoned for 3 years.

His father was quite old and weak and it was time for farming.

Father wrote to his son : I’m old and weak now and won’t be able to grow potatoes without your help as I can’t dig the ground all alone.

Son replied : don’t ever think to dig the ground, I have buried some money there that I stole. Unfortunately, the police read the letter since there was a rule that every letter was first read by police written by any prisoner.

Next day the police went there to check if there is any money.

Son wrote : dad, the police must have dug the ground in search of money. Now you can easily grow potatoes. I hope I made your work easy.