Do you like a good riddle book? Do you love some colours in the book? Or do you like a rhythmic book? Then, look at the book called: guess the animal. This is my second book.

Guess the animal is a fun riddle-like book about animals told with poetry. It’s a book for young learners who wants to learn about animals in a fun way.

Game of guessing is a fun English game that will help you learn more vocabulary, specifically about animals. You can expand the words you know in English from animals. An illustrated book with pictures for young learners. Everybody is welcome to read the book. All the way from the young learners to adults who like some rhythm or poetry.

Here are some pages from the book.

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Announcing my new book

About Ansar Mehmood
Born in Burkina Faso. Family from Pakistan and now lives in Denmark. This book will be my second book. My first book was called: guess the country (Purchase my first book, by clicking me). Ansar is a high school student, and Ansar’s blog is to keep him busy and be productive with what he does (yes, I know. I used 3-person to describe myself).