why we can’t wait

Why we can not wait or “why we can not wait” is a great book to read if one wanted to read about the hard process or behind the scenes of the work of martin luther king. There is a selection of speeches from his time. The book is about why they could not wait, and gave an example from the book: “The Negro was deeply disappointed at how slow it got with the abolition of racial divisions in the school system. He knew that the country’s highest court in 1954 had issued a decree, after which racial divisions in the schools was to be repealed >> “with all reasonable speed” <<. He knew that this decree of the Supreme Court had been followed with unreasonable slowness. “If this pace continued, one would have to wait until the year 2054 before all Southern State schools were integrated”. The book is an inspiring book that gives you an insight into MLK’s life, which shows sacrifice, leadership, sustained and political change. MLK’s way of radically changing the habits of society which has been alive for more than a hundred years, and it made him weak on some points such as: when he was stabbed in one of his speeches, but still he kept, and in the end, it cost him his life.

The first page tells something about the loyalty of black people to the country, and Martin Luther King says “Had their ancestors in long gone times inflicted tragic accidents on the nation? And was the curse of punishment therefore over the black race?” And he goes on to explain whether it was the loyalty issue, he speaks to himself, but as he was a child, which gives an occasion that he may have thought of it as a child, and he also says in the beginning “It is in the beginning of that lord’s year in 1963. I envision a Negro boy “And explain what environment this boy lives in, and say” He’s sitting on the stairs in front of the entrance to a vermin infested barracks in Harlem. There stinks of garbage in the corridors. drinkers, unemployed and addicts belong to his everyday life. “So one can say of this boy comes from environment which seems normal to his everyday life. And he goes further and explains about civil war and says:

“The U.S. Navy uniform. They knew that Negroes living in the country’s capital were referred to ghettos and were denied the work they were qualified for. They knew that the white gentlemen had defied the Supreme Court and that Southern governors had tried to position itself as a cushion between the people and the nation’s supreme legislature “Atlanta, Georgia (January 1964) Martin Luther King Jr.

“Civil war was won, with peace was not fair. Equality had never come. Equality was already a hundred years late” Atlanta, Georgia (January 1964) Martin Luther King Jr.

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