Hej allesammen, i dag har jeg igen skrevet en digte, nyde digten.

af : Muhammad ansar Mehmood

Just wait till you hit that brake
Cuz something funny or force will act on you
You swerve it you smash into the dash
A little glass, I can’t say that you won’t deserve
it’s only one crash and your life is Hurt

Force & motion
The seatbelt has an opposing force
Stops the body from continuing to move forward
Seatbelts protect us during a car crash

Train. Car. Aeroplane.
Its always there but people ignore it
Its always their people never see it
Its always there but people treat it as if
It’s invisible

People who created them
Wasted time coming up with the idea
They ain’t stupid
They made it for a reason
You know that reason but your always
Don’t care.

Then all of a sudden they saw a great flash
“Oh, God please help us! We’re going to crash”
She doesn’t remember the force of the impact
Just that everything all of a sudden went black
She felt someone remove her from the twisted rubble
And heard “Someone call an ambulance! “These kids are in trouble”