Why enforcing essay can help with your vocabulary?

Normal kids :

Mom I’m hungry.

Shakespeare :

Let it be know to the birth giver that mine stomach consists of emptiness.

high schoolers trying to hit their word count :

And unto mine forbearer, I now address, it is my great imperative to inform you that my stomach is like that great void of oblivion that waits to greet each of us whence we pass from this world. For, like that great maw of darkness my stomach consists of naught but an ethereal emptiness, a great hollowness consumes my very being and it weighs heavily on my mind. It commands my full attention and turns my eyes from the blessed joys of the world to the unending question of sustenance. Mother, I implore you to share the nature of our next banqueting for I fear if I remain incapable of indulging my temptation I shall wither from this world as the crimson flower on the eve of winter’s frozen tread doth perish in form and in beauty.

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